Adventure Class
Not all solar car teams are focused on the high level competition of the Challenger Class. Adventure Class gives the opportunity to show each vision on sustainable energy, innovation and entrepreneurship.
Whether they be vehicles built for previous editions of the World Solar Challenge, those that become unable to participate in the competition of the other classes during the event, or those that were designed and built for the love of the journey without the competitive element, Adventure Class vehicles represent inspiration and adventure.The participants in Adventure Class are non-Challenger solar cars, with the goal of showing and completing their journey from first design to a demanding five-day test in the Moroccan desert. Adventure Class is a way to join for adventure – to show and experience the result of all those years of development.
Entry in the Adventure Class is open to fully-functional, road worthy, solar vehicles able to travel over at least 475 km (2 days of 475 km, 3 days of 300 km).
To make the Adventure Class as attractive as possible, this will be a class where organizers provide the camping site but teams must bring their own tents and cooking equipment. Therefore we are able to offer participation in the Adventure Class at a price of € 10.000,- for each team of maximum 10 people.

For enquiry’s or entry’s please contact the office through or simply download the entryform on the downloads page.