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The Paris-Amsterdam-Paris road race in 1898 was the first transnational race held in Europe. For six years, automotive pioneers had been using races and rallies to demonstrate that the “Automobile” was a strong, reliable, and fast alternative to the “old-fashioned” horse and carriage. As cars became faster and more dangerous in the next century, these events were quickly banned throughout Europe.

The French speed demons crossed our country at dizzying speeds of 50, sometimes even 60 km/h, which was not something the Netherlands was accustomed to at the time. The 1898 edition had only one casualty on a section where the maximum speed of 8 km/h did not apply; a dog.

125 years later, and 5 years after our Paris Amsterdam rally, Classic Events is organizing the revival and final stage of this event: a 4-day rally from Amsterdam to Paris!

Classic Events’ automotive adventures are designed as relaxed and social events with relatively short days and distances, the occasional museum or other attraction, a delightful route, and the best available hotels along the way. So, you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy the drive, relax, and explore the surroundings with old and new rally friends.

As befits an event inspired by the first international car race ever, there will naturally be competition for those who want it, which will be adjusted by the age class of the car.

This competition may consist of navigation sections, regularity stages, and special tests, such as on a circuit. The original route of 1898 cannot be reconstructed anymore due to the sprawling cities, new highways, and other modern inconveniences. Most of it was driven on gravel roads, and rivers were crossed with rowing or sailing ferries. The goal of being the first to reach Paris is no longer relevant. In the pre-war categories, teams dressed in period attire will compete for the “Baron van Zuylen” trophy. Baron van Zuylen was the president and co-founder of the ACF, one of the organizers of the Paris Amsterdam Paris rally in those years.


DAY 1 – 200 km

After registration and the distribution of the route book at a location near Amsterdam, we will drive the first regularity of the event on a beautiful and unknown estate! On day one, we will drive from Amsterdam to the south of the country, covering a combination of beautiful B-roads and some highways, but there will also be some immediate challenges. A day to warm up for the more winding roads and hilly landscapes we will undoubtedly encounter on the following days.

DAY 2 – 330 km

The daily distances will be considerably shorter than in 1898, but we will still be driving around 300 km per day. Naturally, the distance will vary slightly by class, with the Tour class covering fewer kilometers than the Sport class. From Vaals, we will drive through Belgium and Luxembourg to Nennig in Germany, a small town on the German side of the Moselle River. We will have a great time at the delightful Schloss Hotel Nennig.

DAY 3 – 300 km

Day three is a delightful day that will take us through the vineyards for most of the day, heading towards Epernay and Reims, the Champagne region. We will undoubtedly get to taste the local specialty at a new and extremely modern hotel surrounded by vineyards. It will be a beautiful day for drivers, with a focus on competition in the morning, including a visit to a racing circuit.

DAY 4 – 270 km

On day 4, we will drive from Epernay to Chantilly. Unfortunately, due to current environmental regulations and the established environmental zone, Paris is not accessible for our cars. It will be a delightful day through the rich Marne region with its many monuments from la Grande Guerre (World War I). The rally will end in the shadows of Paris at Chantilly Castle.


Tuesday       24 September 2024
Wednesday 25 September 2024
Thursday      26 September 2024
Friday           27 September 2024

We use the best available and functional hotels during this historic rally. The hotels have in common that they have a historical character and are situated in spacious surroundings with ample parking spaces.

The end of the day will be celebrated with a warm welcome and champagne. Every evening, there will be a served dinner with wines at 8:00 PM. By around 10:00 PM, the daily prizes will be distributed, and the program will conclude. The bar will only remain open for participants who wish to share their adventures with like-minded people.


The event is divided into four categories:

  • Veteran automobiles up to 1918
  • Vintage automobiles up to 1932
  • Post-vintage automobiles up to 1950

Route Systems and Competition

Of course, no rally is complete without competition. For a rally with such a unique history, the goal is to find a unique combination between competition, enjoyable driving, and history. The rally is worked out in tulip diagrams (bol-pijl). Each day, there are various navigation sections (stages) where points can be won. We divide the event into “tour” and “sportive.” In the tour, there is no competition, while in the sportive category, there will be 3 to 4 navigation sections or regularities and a circuit test.


The service crews on our pour event will consist of two very experienced Pre-War garages. One from the Netherlands and one from Belgium to ensure the best service possible.

We are proud to announce that both Historic Competition Services and Altena Classic Service will join the ranks.
If you do not know what these garages are capable of and what they represent, have a look on their website:



Awards Ceremony

On Wednesday evening, in the shadow of Chateau de Chantilly, participants will be warmly welcomed. When participants begin their dinner, prizes will also be awarded. In addition to prizes in the three categories, there are the Baron van Zuylen Trophy (oldest finishing car), the Rothschild Trophy (best female team), and the Gentlemans Trophy.

The Costs

Registration for the Amsterdam – Paris 2024 rally is by personal invitation only and is limited to 80 teams. The participation costs are €4,950.00 per team of 2 people in a double room .

Included are:

  • 4 nights (double room) including dinner and wines
  • 4 lunches on the road
  • Service team
  • Route book, rally plaques, and door numbers
  • Finishers award
  • Awards ceremony including dinner


The organization is in the trusted hands of Classic Events.


Simply go to the downloads page and get the entry form!


September 25
September 29
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Amsterdam to Paris 2024

September 25 - September 29

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