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Discover the magic of Tuscany

    Corsa Italia 2025, la dolce vita on wheels!

Experience the adventure as you traverse the enchanting landscapes of Tuscany during ‘Corsa Italia’, from May 25th to May 28th, 2025. From an iconic Italian hotel, surrounded by majestic mountains and winding roads, we will take you on an unforgettable four-day journey through Italy’s history and beauty.

Experience the pure joy of a Quadrifoglio

Welcome to the Quadrifoglio Verde among rallies! Each day, we drive one of the four leaf clovers that lead you back to the luxury of this surprise hotel. Corsa Italia offers a perfect balance between excitement and comfort, challenge and enjoyment. Explore the most beautiful routes with picturesque views, enchanting villages, and hidden treasures that only Tuscany has to offer.

For the connoisseurs of life: suitable for any classic car, from 1930 to 1985

Whether you’re a passionate petrolhead or simply seeking a unique adventure, Corsa Italia welcomes anyone who appreciates the good life. Bring your favorite classic car, built before 1986, and join like-minded people for an unforgettable journey filled with fun and friendship.

Discover Authentic Italian Living

  From radiant, sun-soaked roads to the enticing aromas of local vineyards and trattorias, Corsa Italia immerses you in the essence of the Italian lifestyle. Taste the delicious cuisine, discover hidden oases, and create lasting memories in places you’ll never forget.

Join the Corsa Italia Family

Sign up now for Corsa Italia 2025 and become part of a unique community of bon vivants and car enthusiasts. The registration fee is € 4.225 for a team of two people, including unforgettable experiences and memories that will last a lifetime. Don’t miss this opportunity to participate in one of the most exciting rallies of the year. Explore Tuscany and embrace the adventure of a lifetime during Corsa Italia 2025!

Corsa Italia: la dolce vita on wheels!

I’m new to multi-day rallies, is that a problem?
Absolutely no worries. In early 2025, we will organize an afternoon for newcomers to give you tips and tricks.
Who can participate?
If you have a valid driver’s license and common sense, good humor, an interest in having fun, and a classic car, you are more than welcome!
What type of car is eligible?
There are two categories: Vintage cars of a type that was in production before the end of 1952, and Classic cars of a type that was in production before the end of 1985. Which type you decide to bring is entirely up to you. However, the car must be safe and reliable, have a fuel range of at least 300 km, and be equipped with an accurate trip meter. To ensure each participant has a fair chance, cars are grouped into age categories and engine displacement. Take on the challenge, race for glory, and have a chance to win a beautiful trophy celebrating your achievement.
In which class should I register?
We have two classes. If you choose to participate in the Strada category, you will drive the full day route on a relaxed schedule, with a bit less competition. If you opt for Corsa, the intention is a bit more competition and slightly more kilometers.


25 May 2025
28 May 2025
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Corsa Italia

25 May 2025 - 28 May 2025

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