Leg 1

With temperatures well below zero and clear sky’s the start at the Kehlstein near Berchtesgaden was a great beginning fort he 21st Winter Trial.
The first navigational challenge was already after about 4 km after the start. A straight on on the map was actually a left, of of the mainroad that lead to a toll gate. A few competitors decided to pay the toll of 8.50 and drive the Panoramastrasse back tot he start, others soon realized that this was probably not the intention of the route designer and turned around at the tollgate to find the correct route.

Coming into to RS 1.1, as we had in 2019, the first snow and ice presented itself to give all competitirs a fair warning for the conditions ahead. It proved tob e a challenging day with 3 regularities and 1 test. Inteded to be an easy day for everyone slowly  get back into the wintery conditions and the Winter Trial spirit. Some slight dents in ego’s  but luckily all cars still on the road after the first day.

Results Leg 1

Trial Class
1. Dennis Kuipers – Bart den Hartog
2. Werner Budding – Remco Luksemburg
3. James O’Mahony – Frank Hussey

Challenge Class
1. Ernst Jan de Vries – Jan Ernst de Vries
2. Jan Willem Gerritsen – Tom Bleker
3. George Banken – Bart Brouwer