Winter Trial 2013

Day 6. Linz to Salzburg After a regularity and test this morning the Rally started arriving at the finish in Salzburg just after midday. All available marshal crews were out manning timing controls on the long regularity today, but no major changes occurred to the leader board. With the crews arriving in reverse classification order, [...]

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Winter Trial 2015

LEG 8 ELVERUM – SUNDVOLDEN The final countdown. A test, a regularity section and a long navigation section are the ingredients. It is Harmlambrechts/Bart den Hartog who win yet another day, making it 4 in total,  but it is not enough. Really doing well are Alexander Leurs/Ryan Pickering in the Ascona. It is Alexanders first [...]

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Winter Trial 2019

Start Sunday 27 January, finish Friday 1- February 2019. Leg 7 – 8 The allways deciding final evening loop has turned the leader board upside down. Circumstances, black ice, steep Slot Online hills and pitch dark. Again it was Hank Melse who won this leg just ahead of James O’Mahony / Frank Hussey four minutes ahead of  Rene [...]

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