Winter Trial 2024 Route Check

Hello Paddock, While most of us were enjoying our annual summer break, escaping from fluds, forest fires and other natural disasters, Iain Tullie was out on the Polish, Slowakian and Czech roads again to make sure that they were ready for the coming Winter Trial. With 2968 Kms driven in 7 days, 37 pages of [...]

Winter Trial 2024 Route Check2023-09-28T15:08:16+01:00

Winter Trial 2022 Route Check

The first week of September 2021 was route checking week for the 2022 Winter Trial. While the route was already made in the summer of 2020, between lockdowns, this was the first opportunity where we were able to check what was made over a year ago. Unfortunately, not everything survived the Corona crisis like we [...]

Winter Trial 2022 Route Check2022-01-24T02:29:00+01:00
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