September 28 – October 3 – 2014 

Mind boggling roads, great views and blue skies. What more do you want in a rally for pre war cars?

The Belgium couple Ron and Rheinhilde Cryns in the beautiful Lagonda have been leading the Vintage class for 3 days. Than the clutch started to produce problems, this was fixed by the ever so quick LMB mecanics, but in spite of that he lost three costly hours and first place. It was expected that The other Belgium Lagonda team would take over first place but one little mistake saw Bert Kersten/ Wim van Bokhoven in the Bentley take over the lead.

The Irish team of the Callanan’s had to give up on day to already with serious engine problems, but another Irish team Richard and Jo Mc Allister defended the Irish colors by winning the first three days of the Trial class. The whole week is filled with sunshine and one competitors said that the memory stick was almost incapable of importing the breathtaking beauty of the scenery.
Luc and Gratia de Vos where ever so filled with joy after setting the fasted time of the day twice on the little kart track, which also brought them high up the leaderboard.

Another sad los is the Alvis from John Rowe. The climb up to the top of the Col d’ Iseran was just a col to much. The Alvis failed to proceed and needs to see a doctor.

Speaking about doctors, Pit Lindner is playing dr Rossi. He has ordered a pharmacy to bring the whole stock of immodium and distributing this to his fellow competitors, trying to poison them as a last trick to beat the Mc Allisters. Like a number of other competitors they are attacked by an invisible enemy, called virus.
Both leaders in Vintge and Trial class did not make to many mistakes on the last day of the rally and it looks that the cards have been shuffeled.  Few more hours and the winners will be known.

The final day is the Wajer and Wajer Grand Prix. A day out with one of the Osprey boats was the much appreciated prize won by Tom Calanan.
At Bora Bora beach in Saint Tropez the prize giving party was more than another special occasion presented by BRM in the spirits of the Voiles de Saint Tropez. Worlds biggest Classic sailing race.

Our sponsor Wajer and Wajer had prepared a special welcome. Below one of the five speed boats that transported all crews to and from the prize giving party.

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