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The Solar Challenge Oman 2023, is your team up for it?

In a time when both our environment and climate is changing, we have to look more and more into the use of our natural and durable resources for our energy. Solar energy is one of the most challenging energy sources to be used. Especially in the quest for efficient and effective sustainable transport of people and goods.

In 2021 Classic Events challenged international universities to display their technical innovation and entrepreneurship in solar technique during the Solar Challenge in October 2021 in Morocco for the first time.

In 2023, we will be back in Oman: The world’s leading technical universities and Solar Teams will compete in a five-day event to decide who has created the best and fastest total package regarding, sustainable energy, innovation and entrepreneurship to withstand the challenges of the Omani roads.

5 days, 5 stages, 2900 km, best available hotels. The adventure of a lifetime!

What is the Solar Challenge Oman.

The Solar Challenge Oman is a road race for solar cars.

The Solar Challenge Oman is a five-day event, with five different stages. The joint time of these five stage will decide who will be the winner of the Solar Challenge 2023. The daily start and finish will be at a purpose build bivouac. On both start and finish location as during the bivouacs, you will have the opportunity to offer your sponsors and guest a taste of the desert in one of our special partner programs. Contact us for the tailor made possibilities and costs.

Who can compete?

University teams and Solar car teams who have built a car either for the World Solar Challenge 2019 or a later Solar Challenge for the Challenger, Cruiser or Adventure class.

What can you expect?

From city roads, to mountain and desert roads, 2900 km with the start and finish at the OCEC in Muscat.

Test runs: 4 – 8 March 2023

Scrutineering: 9 – 10 March 2023

Start: 12 March 2023

Finish: 16 March 2023

Prize giving: 17 March 2023

Cars: Solar Cars purpose build according to the regulations (published by June 2022).

Navigation: simple, no navigation competition. The route will be issued with a GPS track log file.

Competition: time challenge over 5 different stages. For the Challenger Class, the teams that can use the solar Energy the most efficient and finish with the lowest total time will be the winner of the event. For the Cruiser Class, the winner is determined by a number of factors as evaluated by our judges, including both performance and design and the Adventure will have the adventure of a lifetime!


The first Solar road competition was held in 1982 as a challenge for home built solar cars. In the years following, it has evolved into a number of different Solar events. As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, several events have been cancelled. This creates room for new initiatives like the Solar Challenge Morocco. We have looked into opportunities to organize this event in regions where it is expected to be possible to have a good Solar event. A region willing to give all the assistance needed and the required solar intensity for the cars.

Solar Cars

Solar cars eligible for this race are build according (a.o.) to the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge Regulations.

There will be three different classes

Challenger Class: build for sustainable endurance and total energy efficiency.

Cruiser Class: Production cars powered by the sun, created for practically and sustainable transport.

Adventure Class: All sorts of vehicles powered by the sun, created for practically and sustainable transport.

Each driver has to have a valid drivers license.

What does the entry include?

  • Participation solar challenge 2023 for a team consisting of 20 persons
  • Route consisting of 5 stages
  • Route book
  • Scrutineering included installation of track system
  • Team Preparation Facilities, e.g. during opening of the Headquarters:
    • Pit box / garage for car preparation
    • Guarded storage of trailers and material during the event
    • Overnight stay best available hotels on route
    • dinner
    • breakfast
    • Award ceremony for team members
    • Event insurance, 3rd party liability

All this is offered to the teams at NO entry fee for the 2023 edition of this event. Additional team members hospitality package: €450,- per person with a maximum of 10

    • Overnight stay in a guarded bivouac
    • breakfast
    • dinner
    • Ticket for award-ceremony

Not included in the entry :

  • Accommodation costs from the finish of the Solar Challenge onwards
  • Additional insurance for personal belongings, tools, equipment, solar cars and other vehicles
  • Rental cars for the support team


3 March 2023
17 March 2023
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Solar Challenge Oman 2023

3 March 2023 - 17 March 2023

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