At a press conference on April 7th, the Prime Minister of Norway gave details about the reopening of Norway after the Coronavirus pandemic.

Starting on April 14th, the country will open in four stages, unfortunately International travel is the last priority. This means that travel restrictions will last until June, or maybe even July depending on infection rates, available vaccines, and the potential burden on the health care system.

Until then, everyone who crosses the Norwegian border must stay in quarantine hotels for 7 days. There are some exceptions, but participants in historic car rallies are not amongst them. Therefore, our conclusion is that it will be impossible to get permission to arrange International historic rallies through Norway in June.

Regretfully this means that the event will be impossible to organise as originally intended, and we have had yet again to move the date of the event to 2022 when International travel should be back to normal.

Obviously, we at Classic Events hope that you will still be able to join us on these new dates. However, by being forced to change the event for the second time I am afraid that we will incur some unexpected extra costs as we have prepared for this event twice already! Part of this cost will be because of an extra trip around the route we will have to make in because it will now have been 3 years since we last drove the route when we actually have the event. The estimate of these extra expenses is approximately 8% of the initial entry fee (€ 1050) – which we will not charge you until April 2022.

We are confident that the Arctic Circle 2022 will still offer one of the most unique and challenging drives through some of the least known and spectacular landscapes in the world. However, should you not be able to join us as planned next year, please inform us as soon as you can. That way we can resolve any issues together.

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